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A blog about loud thoughts on the peculiar thing we call life

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Call me Indy

As a philosophy and creative writing graduate, I never stop questioning the meaning of life.


As a digital marketing specialist, I constantly seize to get to know people and find ways how to approach them. 

As a human being, I never stop learning and try to experience life in its fullest. 

I invite you on a journey to the world where being courageous is necessary, in order to earn your spot in society. Sometimes, I invite you to challenge it. 



When you are sitting in a cafe, sipping on a hot apple tea, trying to blend in with the people around you, having conversations, interviews and, occasionally, dates or secret meetings about a spy job in Geneva. You cannot help but compare the situation with the scene you read about in one of the Herman Hesse books about the destruction and deconstruction of human society... and then you realize that if you are lonely when alone - you are in a bad company. And then you go back home and write about it. 
So, I write about that. Topics, inspired by places, wrapped up by the sentiments of people and 'brules' of society, served with a pinch of attitude. Sometimes positive, sometimes - not so much.




The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

Albert Camus


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