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Being a Vegan: a Threat, a Trend, or a Duty?

First of all, open-mindedness is one of the virtues that help not only in heated debates but in leading the life of a respectful world citizen. The purpose of this post is to briefly discuss the mentioned approaches to veganism and encourage not to get at each other's throats, but to think and then make the choice to turn, to stand by or to judge vegans. As open-minded as it is, this article is not about proving that eating animals is morally wrong. Because it is. If you don't think that, watch some documentaries, such as Cowspiracy or Earthlings.

In fact, ->here <-the link with the list, knock yourself out and let's talk after you're done. Here are five reasons why eating animals is wrong:

1. Taking anyone else life is not fair, to say the least;

2. Life of an animal is equal to the life of a human being. Life is life - like Opus sings;

3. Animal meat production bad for the environment;

4. Having meat rotting in your intestines isn't good for your own body;

5. Cow's farts literary destroys the world.

Based on the fact that we're all on the same page here, there are a few reasons why people still eat meat.

The larger part of the world is still in the dark.

veganism and poverty

Try telling a poor third-world country family that they could have unlimited supplies of chicken and cows for the rest of their lives. Do you think they'd let them into the wild? Probably not. Acknowledging that it's still a long way to go to turn all the planet vegan is the beginning of a mutual understanding. It's important for the conscious people not to judge the ones who are simply not in the same boat and guide them to the knowledge. But there are also the people who have all the access to nutritious green supplies, but still choose meat, simply because they've been raised that way. This one is a little bit more complicated. One would believe that...

The cow is raised for people's consumption and that the cow would die if we wouldn't help her to get rid of the milk.

It's good to kill the cows because otherwise, it would be too many of them.

Lobsters don't have feelings, so it's okay to boil them alive.

One you try to explain to them that if that's not exactly true, they would deny and turn a blind eye. All you can do is be patient. At the end of the day, you can't change everyone's mind, more so, that...

...some people really don't like to be lectured.

Think, when you were a child and your parents told you to 'eat the god damn broccoli!' - we all know how that would turn out. Only when we develop our own perceptions system we decide if we like broccoli or not. The majority of us, unfortunately, cling to their old ways and never develop their consciousness. They would still avoid the broccoli, like the plague. Or, when your mum kept nagging you to clean your room: it's filthy and you can't even wait to grab that broomstick right away, but you sit and do nothing, just because she's demanded you to. The point is that we keep that child inside ourselves and develop one of the many egos that originate from a simple lack of mindfulness and control over our own minds. We love to revolt if someone is relentlessly trying to prove their point.

The media is blasting from all the movies, articles, podcasts and protests about veganism. The activists believe that the louder they are, the more people would receive the knowledge they lack and then make the conscious decision simply not to choose the daily violence of consuming animals. Whereas the publicity is partly working, and the percentage of the plant-based community is growing, there is still the part of the society that rebels against it just for the sake of rebelling. That comes out as the accusations of the vegan movement being a modern trend that will pass, just like Harlem Shake. The emerging pastel-coloured cafes with a ridiculously overpriced selection of toasts - don't help the situation. The vegan stands against the consumerism-based society and is all about saving the planet, its resources and aiming to encourage more people to follow, right? How does that align with the £10 avocado&toast practises - it's still a mystery.

A tip to the hospitality industry owners: keep it simple; keep it cheaper than the meat options and shower in success. Fry some tomatoes & carry on - could be the new vegan trend.

On top of that, vegan activists' debates more often turn into political movements. From one side, this is what it needs to get to, in order to acquire the attention of the mass-production corporations and the government. But politics tend to confuse things and divert it all further from the truth. People don't trust politicians anymore, and rightfully so. Hence, confusing veganism for another ideology could be one of the other reasons people feel apprehensive. Although far fetched, but acknowledging that only broadens the perspective of understanding the standpoint of the masses. If you're a vegan and don't particularly feel like being Braveheart for 24/7, it is advisable to avoid the word 'vegan' and simply say that your diet is plant-based.

Finally, when all the revolting videos and the fellow vegan friends finally convince you that the future of the world is vegan...

...some simply choose their old ways over a change.

Fiodor Dostoyevsky once said: “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”

From a literature perspective, the world could have had more Dostoyevsky's. From a moral side, we have way too many like them. People are quite selfish, in one way or the other.

Poor animals, I wish all the slaughterhouses were shut and all the animals set free. Now, let me ask for some more bacon with my poached eggs.

I know that animals suffer, but so do we. It's evolution, baby, food chain, the circle of life etc.

And then there are the turning vegans.

Even consciously accepting the fact that eating meat is immoral and a change needs to happen... Even when trying and choosing the vegan bean burger over the 'normal' one, they will still secretly stuff mozzarella cheese when no one's watching, from time to time. And I am one of them. Thanks to Oatly, Violife and Earthling Ed, there are now decent options of vegan cheese, milk for humans and vibrant places to eat. Being vegan is easy - battling your own mind can be difficult.

Ultimately, being a vegan will soon become more than a personal matter of morality. The rapidly growing statistics of meat-production effect on the global environmental crisis signify that a change needs to be made. And fast. So, secretly knowing that you're right, please also know that to turn a meat-devoted eater to broccoli diet-won't happen overnight. The persistent pressure might break corporations and politicians. The organisations that are guided by metrics and material values will collapse once the profit is gone. However, to change the mind of a human being will take more than a series of debates or videos. It will take another human being who is open-minded enough to begin a dialogue. Only freely formed ideas can ignite the change.

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