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This kitty is tired of London summer. And decided to move... To Ibiza!

The first time I step my paw on the White Isle was four years ago. Didn’t have any clue, to be honest, what I got myself into. Straight from the airport to DC10... At around midnight. Grand opening.


No space to wiggle my tail around... At all!

Not even being able to move, surrounded by strangely looking and even more peculiar acting people. Music... banging. No idea who was even playing.

Sweating, anxious and tired... But hey... I’m at THE DC10. he he.

one of the worst experiences I’ve had.

Oh boy it has changed

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Up until this year, my favorites were The Zoo Project and Ushuaia. Just because for a Londoner, you must agree, it is something different than the London underground scene. I mean... an outdoor party in an abandoned zoo! Quite comfortable surrounded by the cougars and tigers. Dancers, acrobats, glitter, card readings, spiritual circle of drummers, meditation and more. There’s so much... that u almost forget about the music. It’s definitely an experience you must have. And one a few places that some extra help (I am not talking about the catnip) will enhance it and make it more special. But once is enough, I would say

I am a cat that doesn’t really like crowds, massive events and people constantly pushing, punching you and spilling their drinks everywhere but their mouth. I know you’ll judge! But I do like VIP’s.. Well, I did. Not to feel important but to have a little space to wiggle wiggle wiggle! It’s all about the music, in the end... Is it???

Ushuaia was one of my firsts nice experiences in Ibiza and one of my favorites, too. From the main area, I’ve partied in one of the rooms that are a part of the party and been told off just because I left early and didn’t entertain everyone. Okay... Red flag. No more of that


Next time the VIP with the private table and showers of Don Perignon. A guy paid £1000 to get me and my friend in. Next thing I know he’s shouting to my face ‘If you leave now I’ll destroy you’, and almost knocked my tooth out with a magnum champagne bottle.

Fun, hey?

I gave it the last VIP chance just because Paul Kalkbrenner was headlining and he’s one of my favs. Promise, the furthest corner of the whole freaking hotel, packed, with the mini bar. I could hear the music and see the fireworks, which is good enough, I suppose, considering...

So the reason I’m sharing this with everyone is not to brag or be negative about the whole Ibiza club scene idea. It has to offer something for everyone, that’s the beauty of it. But since I’m sharing my own Island and my own experience, if you can relate to it, you should get me. Maybe even learn something from it.

So for me, it is about the music. I learn every year and I learn from the bests. I also learn from my own experience.

Where I’ve started, I am gonna end.

Last night I had another chance to visit the legendary DC10 Circoloco party. Not the first time now, through these past few year, I’ve enjoyed myself more than anywhere else on the island. In my previous post a few weeks ago I said I rather be backstage than on it, wiggling my fluffy tail. I am lucky enough to have some good friends in the music industry to give me the experience to meet the iconic artists personally, face to face.

Now, I am not chasing for the big names and ticking my celebrity box over here. But dancing in the same circle with Ellen Allien, sharing a cigarette with Loco Dice and chatting with Seth Troxler, not gonna lie, is amazing. It’s inspiring. Nice to see that these big names are still the real artists and devoted to music, not selling themselves out for the money. Cool people. Real people. Inspired me to keep focused and grow to someone that has build their own world around them, not letting the world dictate them how to live.

That’s the way to go for me. No alcohol, n0 drugs (2 cans of coke for £20 tho... hehe) and the best night yet on the island.

ClubCat Tip*

Get there early!

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