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Grow the fu*k up

The best advice I've ever been given to. The most difficult to listen to. Almost impossible to accept. But once I have, life started making much more sense. Which has none, apparently... You just do what you've got to do and #keepongoing.

To begin with, I'd like to state the fact that the bum on the home page is mine. Now, I feel we've established a better connection and I might even capture a little bit of your attention, so hear me out, because I think you might relate. Jokes aside... let's start from the beginning. A year ago I had a chance to attend this seminar led by a smart guy Martynas Driukas. It was about the massive #hypnosis we're under and the power of mind in order to break it and take #control of our lives. The seminar began... Who is here to find yourselves? Half of the people raised their hands. I managed to stop in the middle and avoid the embarrassment that came next. Congratulations, because I have found you. You are here, sitting in this room. Here and now in this #present moment. It is that simple. You know where you are. The main task is to understand yourself and listen to your #intuition.

People travel all around the world, expecting that a month of #meditation in Indian mountains will miraculously give all the answers to a #happy #life. You cannot run from yourself. You will not find happiness in the most beautiful places in the world if you're not content with who you are. So the question is where to begin? Every person has to have a purpose. Whatever it might be... there is no good or bad purpose, not too insignificant or too big to achieve. Unless it's to harm the others. Then you do need help. Somewhere along the way I have lost the focus on my purpose and got lost in the pleasures of the short term happiness, and my wondering philosophical ming went wakadoodle, let's put it that way. Everyone fall. Everyone fucks up. What is that quote... Fall down seven times, stand up eighth. Well, let me adjust that. Fall down twenty times, stand up twenty first. Only make sure it is the last time. The difference between a coward and a person that is accountable of his fuck ups is that the coward runs from the consequence.

Makes himself believe that everyone else will be better off without him. Is scared of confrontation. Scared to apologize and makes himself believe that no one even wants his apology because no one even cares. Any excuse just to run away from any situation. It s easy to play a victim. But it is difficult to admit to yourself you're playing one. Once you do, it is the step towards growing up. I have been throwing myself from one place to another for years now, burning all the bridges behind me. At one point I lived in three different countries, not having a place to call home. I was so lost. I was trying to find myself. In the end, I happened to be back to my country, which I have always thought of like the ultimate defeat. But it was one of those good decisions I've made in my life. I have learned how to be present and enjoy the moment. I have learned how to be #grateful for the sun, the food I have, the experiences I've had, good and bad. One day I was sipping on my cabbage soup in the old-school traditional #Lithuanian cafe on my lunch break and I felt pure happiness. Because I had a purpose and I new this is just temporary. Sometimes the end will justify the means. We all create the narrative of our lives. It can be a sad story or the #story of #success.

I am far from a know-it-all and am sure I will probably fuck up again sometime in life. But I will not run this time. Does that mean I'm growing up?

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