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The world is changing and the new markets are taking humanity’s well-being into consideration. Renewable energy, blockchain technology - these are only a couple of examples of how people choose to be mindful, in order to improve the issues related to our health and economy.

By focusing on so many ways of how to improve our world, people have forgotten the importance of the foundations of it. They have forgotten the fact that humans have evolved surrounded by natural light. And it is crucial to our well-being.

Nowadays, all the major breakthroughs in science, medicine and other important aspects of our society – happens in the labs or offices, filled with artificial light. As a result, we constantly feel tired, suffer from disrupted sleep patterns, lose focus and motivation. The most common culprit is considered to be stress.

But could it be the artificial office lighting the reason for our state of being?

BIOWN Light Technology

By the raising awareness that it is the lighting at the offices that decreases the people’s general performance and significantly affects health, the conclusion has been made, that it is no longer enough to provide just the right amount of photopic light intensity. That is where the human-centric lighting comes in.

Lucky for us, Lithuanian company SELTEKA has thought of it and created a new “BIOWN light” technology, which is predicted to be the game-changer in the field of human health and economy and is even compared to the scale of the success of the blockchain technology. Human-centric lighting is not only extremely sustainable but is also designed to adapt to our circadian rhythms, improve visual acuity and even our mood.

“BIOWN light” priority and the main focus is the well-being of the people spending most of their time surrounded by artificial lighting. The objective is to create working spaces that motivate and inspire to improve.

“BIOWN light” recognizes that it all begins with light. And that is the true breakthrough in the numerous fields of the improvement of our society.

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