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How to Have a Great Life by Paul McGee

After reading the book and being added on LinkedIn by the author #PaulMcGee himself , I instantly felt I'm succeeding in life. No jokes, I was pretty happy. With that being said, the book is pretty good. Let's be honest, there are lots of smart asses out there that think they know the #keytohappiness, and decide to write a book about it -to make some cash. But they don't. Admitting the fact that I picked this book from the airport just because of the cover, kudos to the designers, because this book is keeping me on track on the journey that we call life.

No one likes to be told what to do and Mr McGee has made sure that, for the reader, it doesn't feel that the author knows better, is better or lives better. But if you've bought the book, he probably does. Not in a sense that he's a better person. Only knows 35 surprisingly simple ways to #success that you don't. Or have forgotten. The first thing I liked about the book was that you don't have to follow it page by page to keep the track on what's going on. 35 chapters with 35 different brilliant suggestions. Every day I would open a random page and, I swear, each day it would perfectly suit the current situation I needed the suggestion for. "Dethrone the Drama Queen" could probably work in my every day life. In short, even though the chapters are refreshingly short and simple itselves, it says that we exaggerate the small issues in our daily lives too much.

"Oh, today I wanted to kill myself...


They ran out of my favorite toilet paper at the supermarket."

Or, a more relatable example for the people in this fast-paced society:

"I had the worst day in my life today.


I was late to my train and missed the meeting. The boss was pissed off."

Needless to say, there are much worse things in life. So take it easy.

Every chapter comes with just the right amount of #humour, mostly based on the real stories Mr McGee takes out from his own life as an example. I'll leave that unquoted, so you could all form your own opinions about him yourselves. But must say, one definitely has #charisma!

The chapters also include some tips that sum up the idea loud and clear. My favorite one was...

"Take more #responsibility for how you respond to situations rather than continually playing #blamegame."

That hit me like with a cold fish to my face. But cannot help but agree.

I'd like to finish this review with a great life insight that sums it all up. At least for me and my story.

"The story you tell yourself about who you are and why you're here will shape your behaviour and your future."

I might just tell you my little story later on. And the story I tell myself now.

What's yours?

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