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I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella Book Review - A Shamelessly Enjoyable Story

It takes one quirky lady to come up with so many awkward, funny, cringing, lovey-dovey, cute and yet, so familiar to everyone, moments and wrap it up in a shamelessly enjoyable story. Sophie Kinsella definitely has a style - a style of 'you get so into the book that can't help yourself but giggle in the middle of a moody train carriage - but in three days you're the one crying, as the book is over' - that kind of style.

I Owe You One tells a story of Fixie Farr, a 27-year-old Londoner who can't stop fixing things (surprise surprise). She's the youngest of three siblings and the hardest working one, helping her mother to keep the retail-store business flowing after her father's death.

A rare coffee break gives Fixie a chance to save a young man's laptop (his name is Seb, he's hot, owns a business and has a girlfriend). A man's whose conversation she's been listening since she sat down at the table. That's how the IOU cycle began: from a cheeky flirt and an invitation for a coffee - to an complex situation, involving her teenage crush, family business and a lot of raw emotions and unresolved issues.

Refreshingly, romance is only one element of the plot. The heroine's friends and family members are charismatic characters, who bring quite a bit of spice to the world of Fixie Far: a sister Nicole who is obsessed with yoga and mindfulness, but not being mindful enough to have her own feelings for her new husband in check; a brother Jake, who acts likes a Wolf of Wall Street but in reality is as poor as a stray dog; and, of course, her friend Hannah, who faces the joys of trying to get pregnant.

But who doesn't love a good old romance, huh? The all 'we're just friends but I feel an undeniable soulmate connection to him and will care for his happiness even if its with his bitchy girlfriend' kind of situation. And then the situation comes to the matter of saving the guy's life and him trying to pay you back - eternally - a fiction or not, a girl giggles to imagine it as being her reality. The fact that the guy is Seb helps a lot to keep the butterflies going.

"I Owe You One" was my guilty pleasure. A breath of fresh air (when you're standing next to a bakery). A quick and entertaining read amongst the usual French existentialist books that persistently stimulate not only your right brain but your left, middle, inner and the outside. I owe one to my cousin, as she kindly gave it to me. It took me a good couple of months to start it and mere 4 days to finish..

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