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Mind Power by John Kehoe Book Review

John Kehoe is often called the father of Mind Power. One of the reasons for it is that after a three-year sabbatical, Kehoe has found a new dimension of self-understanding, which transcended way beyond what the general public have believed the mind to be. That happened more than 30 years ago. In 1987, Kehoe published a book, where he explained the power of subconsciousness, the life-changing techniques of visualisation and affirmations, the trust of intuition and how it affects our everyday lives. The book has had 12 editions since then. The author has been constantly adapting the techniques of unleashing the power of mind, to the rapidly changing times. But as the new generations tend to look back in the past to try to understand the future, reading the first edition of Mind Power is rather insightful and brings the complexity of life back to the basics. Which all starts in our own mind.

Power of mind
Power of mind

Today, there is a countless number of self-help, mindfulness, and spiritual guides. Needless to say, it is difficult to choose the right one. More so, even after reading it - how could you know it was right? The suggested practices often involve weeks of meditation, more books and more money. What the gurus forget, is to explain how the power of mind works. John Kehoe does that brilliantly.

Our conscious mind is where we create our thoughts. Our thoughts inspire actions. The daily actions determine the choices in life, which, ultimately, lead to the quality of our life. The power to control our thoughts allows us to control our lives: to lead us to success, wealth, desired body and health, social status and relationships. For example, you want to lead a healthy diet. You have a daily choice to make of what to have for lunch - a juicy burger with double cheese and a mountain of mayo - or a salad. Although your conscious mind is aware of what's the right thing to do, you still give up to the temptation and devour that burger like there's no tomorrow. Again and again. You can call it the power of will, or lack of it, but if you use the power of mind, the choice will become easy. The answer to it hides in our subconsciousness. Programming the subconsciousness by affirmations is one of the ways how to begin control the mind. Repeating daily affirmation, such as "I am strong and I am healthy" - will leave an imprint in your mind that will directly interfere with the temptation of consuming an unhealthy meal. The craving will become less.

Simplifying such a complicated matter as a human mind has opened infinite possibilities of controlling it. Kehoe explains it in sixteen bite-sized chapters, which leaves the book only 142 pages long. Tempting to finish in one day, but highly recommended prolonging it to at least a week. Then read it once more, taking notes and applying the practises, daily.

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