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Perfect Sunday in Ibiza for Lads|Millionaires

Last Sunday ClubCat spent in Sa Trinxa... This time, let's see what's the perfect Sunday for a different crowd.


Yes! Finally, the time has come… The time to be christened by the fountains of alcohol, puke and tears. San Antonio, here we come!

All those years saving for the one and ultimate trip to Ibiza with your mates. But when the long waited holiday comes, the realization kicks in that all the money got wasted somewhere in the process…                   Ech, what moms wouldn’t do for their well-deserved, hard-working children. In any case,  the bags are packed and ready to get MORTAL!

Make sure to get pissed on the plane. That is a tradition you cannot break. The only flight, that together with the confirmation email you get a polite request not to get too drunk and disturb the work of the staff and the rest of the passengers on the plane. Sweet.

The reason why this paragraph doesn’t really cover the Sunday activities of this young crowd is, that since the moment their stilettos and trainers reach the ground of the Magic Island, Ibiza really does its magic, as the time simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Big up for the ones that manage to tick some of the boxes:

✓Watch the sunset @Cafe Mambo

✓Visit at least ONE mega-club

✓Get to an actual beach ( the beach in San Antonio doesn't count! )

✓For breakfast have something esle than fried eggs, beans, a toast and a saussage

ClubCat Tip* if you get tempted by one of the ladies at the end of West End, blocking the street, make sure to visit the doctor the next day!

Now, let's say you happen to have a hunderd or two grand in your pocket. And instead of going hiking to Peru, walking with elephants in Thailand or visiting the Grand Kanyon, you decide to park your indecent size yacht in Ibiza

Assuming that those rich men actually get off the boat to the mainland, let's revise how their Sunday looks like.

Nothing is better than to spend a hot afternoon on a tripple comfortable sunbed, eating lobster paella and being jumped around by a group of hot chiks, sipping Dom Peringon that you bought. I mean, the champagne, not the girls...

There is a number of amazing beach clubs around the island: the legendary Sa Trinxa, the beautiful Amante or the secret Babilon beach club.

However, one of the beach club outstands them all... the prestigious Blue Marlin.

It is such a popular destination for the rich and famous that there is an official Blue Marlin water taxi service. It takes the exclusive clientele from the private yachts to the beach club.

Why is it so famous amongst the rich?

It was one of the first beach clubs that turned plastic chairs and one table outside into an exclusive experience with all the comforts and a VIP service. The beds offer an exclusive home base that always comes with a bottle of bubbles and a special someone, like a leggy blonde Nastia or adventurous Pocahontas-look-alike. You can stay there from early morning till 4am as Blue Marlin now is increasingly known as a party destination. Live music on Sundays is another attraction to spend the end of the weekend at the famous beach club, together with Dj's superstars as Richy Ahmed, Barbara Tucker, Luciano and Pete Tong.

How to do Blue Marlin in style? 

Forget the water taxi - the way how you get from your yacht to the beach club is

like your business card. Once you get there -by jetski, your own boat or even a mini helicopter, someone from the staff greats you and leads to your area that you've pre-ordered.

Sit in the middle to make sure you are in the center of attenton... you will not

be moving anywhere anyway; chin-chin with your friends and the bunch of girls you don't really know but, apperently, are with you. Make sure you do not get into the sea! You do not need to order anything either - everything is pre-ordered: a selection of sushi, sashimi, nagiri and other stuff you don't even know the names of, unlimited Dom Perignon and cocktails, followed by some other expensive food. But do not eat it - it is just for the show. Drink!

Always go and speak to someone from the staff as if about something important or complain on your way to the loo. Or say hi to a Dj or the owner.

Dress code - whiteshirt, pastelic colour shorts, sandals and ray bans.

That's the plan for the day! And that's the beauty of it - nothing to plan, nothing to do, just enjoy the luxury and women. Cheers to that!

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