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Many women would say that the wardrobe is the most important part of the house. And men cannot disagree… Walk-in wardrobes are becoming an essential part of the majority of the modern peoples’ lives. It’s all about the space and convenience. Smartly used spaces arranged with innovative approaches transform wardrobes into one of the most attractive and cozy corners of the home.

If you want your room to look unique and stylish, your wardrobe to be big enough for you, your other half and with some more extra space; if you want the interior to match your home – we got it covered. We will customize your walk-in wardrobe and restore it from your imagination with a hint of advice and plenty of professionalism.

Space and allocation are the two major decisions that are the foundation when it comes to wardrobes. In order to have a spacious wardrobe, you don’t need to occupy the entire room space. Efficiently applying the correct configurations of racks, poles, rails, drawers, cabinets and shelves can create wonders. The newest possibilities and simple design decisions create a unique combination of genius that allows exploring the spaces even more. For instance, the use of glass opens up the room to external natural light, which creates pleasant feelings in the environment. There are also some complex setups like the managed artificial light that allows the light to engage in cooperation with the mirrors and internal colors. We make sure that the best decision is fitted to the best interest of the client.

However, words are only that until it proves to be true, so you can check our gallery section with the real-life examples of the walk-in wardrobes and the feeling of space and pleasure, described above. Or get in touch with “123 London Wardrobes” by filling in the form by pressing “Contact Us”. We cannot way to hear from you!

Hinged Wardrobes

A wardrobe is not only a place where you keep your clothes. It also organizes your spaces and gives the structure to the rooms. Practicality, innovations and creativity – the keywords that describe our wardrobes that are designed to store and made to please. “123 London Wardrobes” adapts to any clients requests by producing fit custom-made wardrobes any size and dimensions.

The hinged wardrobes are the niche where the good-old practicality and classic mechanism face modern design. Our hinged doors are perfect for corner placements, passage and bridge solutions, attics and niches. This combination is the secret in creating an extraordinary space for the things that matter. We transform the old-fashion perception of a wardrobe into something unique. The innovative decisions come together with an endless flexibility when it comes to practicality. Hinged wardrobes create the opportunity to change the depth of the columns, add optional exterior details and niches to the system.

Only the prime quality craftsmanship is used in the production of the hinged doors of “123 London Wardrobes”. There is a wide range of choices of the materials and colors to everyone’s needs. The wide-ranging selection of designs, featuring a modular structure and various door models presents limitless custom closet possibilities. It all can be agreed upon together with your design requirements. You can contact us with any requests in regards to color, size, material and style you want your wardrobe to be - we definitely have the perfect solution for you.

Sliding Doors Wardrobes

Increase your bedroom or any other room space by choosing a smart way to store your accessories, shoes, clothes and much more with a great assortment of sliding wardrobe doors we have to offer. “123 London Wardrobes” is all about the practicality and originality, presenting a wide variety of wooden, mirrored and many custom-made options of sliding doors wardrobes fit for any clients’ needs. Get in touch by filling a form under the section “Contact Us” and be prepared to bring your dream wardrobe into life.

“123 London Wardrobes” produces outstanding sliding doors wardrobes that are not only the prime quality but also incorporate the most innovative wardrobe doors technology and style. Only the best materials are used in the production of the furniture with the choices of wood, glass, mirrors and other fabrics that complement the design of the wardrobe. The furniture can be improved by installing lighting or incorporating glass, as well as different pieces for your home décor. Our strong team of professionals designs, fits and constructs the sliding doors themselves, paying an extraordinary attention to every detail, in this way ensuring the quality of the work and the product.

The modern technologies we apply in the making allow us to install the wardrobe using any space in the room, regardless the challenges it might present when it comes to the size or shape. Whether it is a space under the stairs or a larger area stretching from wall to wall – we are here to accommodate any requests by offering a wide range of possibilities in the making of the bespoke sliding doors wardrobes. “123 London Wardrobe” creates the maximum size storage space and prevents of your home become a pile of clutter. The modern sliding doors add in the feeling of a stunning aesthetic that will accentuate the ambiance of your home.

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