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Pursuing Higher Education: a Brule, Way of Life, or Escaping the Reality?

First of all, a 'Brule' is a genius word, invented by Mindvally founder Vishen Lakhiani. It stands for bullshit rules - the rules dictated by our society, telling us what we are supposed to do, to be fully functioning particles of a certain mechanism we are a part of - we want it or not. The concept of education is constantly shifting side by side with the inevitable transition of generations and our, as a society, place in time. A few decades ago, pursuing further education was a privilege. Five years ago - it was a norm, almost as a fashion trend - a trend that the 18-year-old teenagers pursued just because their friends did the same, or because their parents told them to; a trend to get into a better ranking university than your disliked school-friend, and then complain about it for the next three years, whilst leading a well-known student life, full of booze and pot-noodles. There have been some organised young people who knew what they wanted in life at such an early stage, they have chosen the right course and they have lived happily ever after. But having finished my Bachelor's in Philosophy & Creative Writing and now writing my Master's dissertation on content marketing benefits on online learning platforms, I more and more often catch myself running from a glimpse of thought... Why am I doing this? The official answer is clear - to get a better foundation for my future career, lift qualifications, gain the necessary experience and confidence. Oh, and the diploma. But what is it, really? The times are changing, and so our perceptions, and so must change our ways of communicating, learning and growing. Ten years ago, Facebook education status: University of Life, would indicate that the person has not been fortunate enough to attend a 'real' university, the more judgy graduates would even think that the person is in some way lesser than the one with a degree. But now, it is not about finding the knowledge anymore - it's about applying it. The truth is that all the knowledge is open and easily accessible because of the internet, and because of some highly motivated individuals, who have spent countless hours building brilliant learning platforms what challenge the concept of university itself, by boasting evidence of the results much more effective of a three-month course than a three year of conventional studies. When I was 18 years old, I knew I was curious about our existence, about the origin of thought and the notion of God. I did, indeed, follow that thread of curiosity and wanted to learn more. Was it just a curiosity or a lifetime-worth decision - I don't know. But once I've graduated I asked myself... 'What the hell I'm going to do now - how I am going to make money out of it'. After a couple of years of soul searching (more like a Robinson Crusoe moment when he said goodbye to Willson, 2 years on repeat), I dived into another adventure, another purposeful year of studying. Partly, to have a break from the pressure of society and be a student again, also to learn new skills, so I could finally be good enough for any entry-level position, other than a waitress. But, most importantly, so I would gain back a short-term purpose in life. That is all where it leads to - a purpose. Asking yourself the right questions is the key to success - asking yourself what's the purpose of it, brings the answer if it's worth pursuing. Ten years ago, the opportunities were different and the access to knowledge was limited. Now, with such revolutionary communities like Mindvalley, many online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Nexford University, as well as video content archives of TedTalks, new horizons are open, for the people who want to learn, develop their skills and bring something great into the world. So, when my child will reach the certain age and will face a decision whether to pursue higher education or dive into the, sometimes scary, but never boring, world, I will ask him three questions:

Why do you want to study: because you think you have to? Because you feel you're not ready for the 'real deal'? Or because you simply love studying? We never stop learning. And now, there is more than one way to keep evolving. #innovation #ambition #highereducation #purpose #mindvalley #udemy #tedtalks #coursera #onlinelearning

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