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SEO 200 | Short 'About us' texts for the log cabin industry company

200 short 'About us' SEO texts for the log cabin industry company.

1. We sell our log structures “unbranded”. We always remain a silent partner and the dealers get all the credit for the products. In this way we prove that our purpose is not to show off, but to build a genuine relationship between Eurodita and its partners.

2. The company’s activity expanded globally, so developing an efficient delivery system of the log structures has been essential for Eurodita. Thanks to the close ties with many transporting companies, the products reach the desired location at the quickest time possible.

3. We understand how important in the partnership is trust. 95% of our dealers have never experienced a delay in their orders from Eurodita. In a tough market of delivery services, we always find a way.

4. Producing prime quality structures is the key feature in being a successful wholesaler. We also do not underestimate the value of he personal communication between the partners by bringing a top-notch B2B client service.

5. Every smart dealers’ wish is to be unique and provide the products that customers couldn’t find anywhere else. Eurodita appreciates such concern and offers the exclusive dealership program. This is an arrangement whereby the dealer receives our products for the private label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell the same product in the area.

6. We understand the tuff market out there, that’s why we are doing our best to assure our dealers with a definite advantage in the area. Two-thirds of our dealers are interested in our exclusive dealership program. The dealers sell the products under their own label and avoid the local competition with the companies of the same industry, by providing only authentic log structures.

7. Dedication is the key to any successful business. From the first contact with the client, Eurodita continues to show genuine attention to every detail during the partnership. The regular visits to the dealers’ facilities help to understand the changing needs of end-customers and improve, accordingly.

8. We are fully committed to what we do and provide an immaculate attention to every detail in the log structures production. But we do not stop there. Eurodita continues to show the dedication to the business by paying regular visits to the dealers’ facilities to make sure to maintain a strong relationship and a mutual understanding in the partnership.

9. Our log cabin kits distinguish themselves by an easy assemble and by the quality of being incredibly functional. The kit includes a full set of the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to make it easier to assemble. In this way, the customer gets an opportunity to become a designer and style the place on their own.

10. Eurodita is operating since 1993… During the time, the only way has been forward, expanding company’s activity across 50 countries. The success is the sum of thousands of interactions with smart and demanding dealers.

11. Forget about over-complicated structures and unnecessary work that comes with it. The log cabin kits were introduced to reduce the price and efforts of the end-customers. Eurodita makes it its priority to justify that.

12. Eurodita’s log structures are well-known to be easy assembled. The last thing one needs is purchasing a log house and then, having to spend the same amount of money and time to construct it. With Eurodita, it all has been made easier and possible to be done by the customer himself.

13. We provide a massive selection of made to measure cabins which are handcrafted to satisfy precise specifications. Delivering original, innovative and prime quality log structure is what makes us the number #1 wholesaler in the market across the Europe and the globe.

14. Over the long years of prosperity, our company has mastered the skill of adapting to every dealers’ needs, by maintaining our core values: quality, loyalty and integrity. This is our success formula of producing log structures made from the finest Nordic timber, delivering it safe and on time, and always making sure that our smart dealers and their end-customers are satisfied.

15. We see the holy trinity in a different perspective… In the business of the industry log log structures, every dealer appreciates the holy trinity of great B2B relationship: great quality and affordable price products that bring great profit margin, outstanding client service and a peaceful night’s sleep, not being disturbed by the complaints from the end-customers… Because there is simply none.

16. By forming a partnership with Eurodita, the dealers get much more than just a log houses wholesaler… They acquire a devoted and trustworthy manufacturer, presenting a big selection of log and timber structures: log cabins and sheds, BBQ huts, camping pods, garden furniture, wooden carports and garages, hot tubs, wooden pavilions and many more.

17. The reason why log cabins were introducea was to lower down the price and save the customers’ the trouble of constructing complicated architectural projects. Eurodita’s cabin kits offer a sizable profit for the dealers and are extremely simple to assemble, making the experience of the end-customers much smoother.

18. Eurodita never forgets the true origin of log cabins: to feel closer to the nature in your living environment. Keeping close to the foundations and applying innovations, the result is a unique getaway, inspired by nature and complimented by a great design.

19. It is inspiring to see the delicate balance between the nature and the future prospects, reflecting in the log structures that we produce. Eurodita is inspired to bring the customers closer to the origin of everything by providing natural log structures and making it home… And to complement it by the smart architectural decisions that make the life easier.

20. The log structures produced by Eurodita have been manufactured from the all-natural timber. Given that, it looks incredible. The various architectural decisions are inspired by nature and improved by the help of the modern age technologies.

21. Our dealers’ constant demand for perfection has taught us to settle for nothing less than world-class standards. The log constructions produced by Eurodita are always up to the latest developments and trends.

22. Eurodita is constantly expanding. First in Europe, now - across the globe. With the latest partners from China, Eurodita is currently consolidating its positions in the markets of Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

23. We are sociable! Aside the real work, we also make sure that our dealers are very well informed about what is happening in the world of log structures industry. You can read the news and more interesting facts in our blog.

24. It is very important to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle the modern times bring! We try our best - and we deliver. Our log products, from bespoke log cabins to garden furniture, are constantly evolving, accordingly to the latest innovations and our clients’ needs.

25. The standard log cabins have been signified as the most marketable product of Eurodita. They best represent quality that is tested by time. Each model is the perfect example of products’ universality, durability, practical design and an inspired way of living. By applying effective cost optimization, these amazing wooden buildings are becoming even more popular among the dealers who can get them for a very reasonable price.


1. Eurodita embodies the definition of a trustworthy wholesaler by constantly delivering its best. Prime quality log structures, fast and steady delivery and an ongoing devotion, shown for the dealers, are the key features of creating a long-lasting relationship between business partners.

2. Our main motivation, while producing for the log structures’ design and its essence, is bringing families together. Log cabins, wooden playhouses, garden sheds – all of it is inspired by the sensation of security and togetherness.

3. A great deal is a deal when the quality fits the profit and the outcome leaves both sides happy. That’s exactly what Eurodita offers: top quality log structures for a very reasonable price. There is no catch. We just love to be the best at what we do.

4. Eurodita takes a good care of its dealers by producing a premium product and making sure it brings a significant profit for the partners. In fact, 100% of its smart dealers make a profit of a minimum of 20% in the first year of partnership with Eurodita.

5. Our log structures are only made of Nordic timber that fits the highest standards. In this way we make certain that the production of Eurodita is prime quality and the best in the market. We settle for nothing less than perfection.

6. Apart from the premium quality production and an excellent attention to our clients, we also take into consideration our environment and try to protect it. Eurodita produces log structures that bring people closer to the nature and always chooses architectural decisions based on what effect it will have on it.

7. It is vital to be educated about the products that you are selling. Eurodita takes the idea of being a knowledgeable dealer very seriously and provides as much information about the log structures industry as possible. You can find it in our blog.

8. Eurodita is constantly improving by developing the production process of the log structures, optimizing the prices and making sure that the delivery becomes even faster and more secure. Every year the systems become more advanced. The sky is the limit.

9. Customizing your environment to your needs is essential part of creating a place called home. Eurodita not only presents a big variety of log structures but also builds log houses and standard cabins, according to the requirements of the client. Every log house is unique.

10. Cabin kits are the modern solution to efficiently build a secure and comfortable home. Eurodita is one of the leading companies making sure this innovative approach is accessible for dealers and their customers all around the world.

11. During over more than two decades, Eurodita has established itself as the leader of the log structures wholesalers’ not only in Europe, but across the globe. Years of successful partnerships with one of the largest partners of the industry validate the devotion and hard work the company brings, in order to stay number one.

12. Eurodita is all about integrity. According to our offered private label program, the log structures are sold “unbranded”. In this way, the dealers can sell it under their own label which provides excellent margin possibilities.

13. Nearly 100% of our dealers got their deliveries with no delays. Depending on the size and specifics of the order, it will be delivered in no longer than from one to four weeks. Delivery services market is tough, but Eurodita always finds the way.

14. The secret to the success of any company is the quality: prime quality products, their distribution, and, of course, great customer service. While our history proves the quality of our log structures and lighting fast delivery, hanks to our developed customer service system and highly trained staff, we’re also here to help 24/7.

15. Starting with an inquiry, to post-delivery assistance, you can always count on the customer service team of Eurodita. Our trained professionals make sure that more than 95% of our customers are happy with our client services. We are always here to help.

16. Together with a great variety of log houses, sheds and cabins, Eurodita also produces great quality garden furniture. With the color impregnation feature available, the dealers can purchase garden furniture sets and separate pieces in any desirable shade.

17. With Eurodita you can not only create a dream home, but also take care of the ambience of the garden. Wooden carports, hot tubs, garden furniture and playgrounds – all products are incredibly durable, natural and very well adapted to the environment.

18. Providing prime quality log structures for the whole family, Eurodita doesn’t forget the little ones, either. Each set of the playgrounds has an individual collection of playground equipment. It may include a “tree house”, slides, ladders, swings and other playful components.

19. Eurodita doesn’t only assure the security of the log houses for the adults, but pays an extra attention to the log structures for the little ones. The children playgrounds are manufactured from the best Nordic spruce timber and are extremely durable. To assure the security of the children, extra measures have been taken in order to make the surfaces as smooth as possible.

20. We can guarantee you – the customers will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the assemblance of the log houses of Eurodita. We have a great team of architects and other professionals that will do all the needed estimations and permissions so that the house fits all the standards and legal requirements.

21. We are proud to say that our contact with the clients doesn’t end after delivering the products. Eurodita is very keen on keeping the partnership alive and constantly improving by paying regular visits to the dealers’ facilities. In this way we learn about the client’s changing needs and improve accordingly.

22. After over more than 20 years of the successful history of the log structures production of Eurodita, we are proud to have earned the trust of the leading dealers of the industry. The constant demand of perfection has led us to settle for nothing less than that.

23. Eurodita always maximizes the security of the log structures in all aspects: making sure it is built using the finest Nordic wood, securing the building by double locks and, finally, taking care of the security of the children by taking necessary precautions in the houses and in playgrounds, too.

24. We value our competitors because they encourage us to improve. However, Eurodita makes sure that our dealers wouldn’t have to worry the competition they might gain. Exclusive dealership problem not only gives the advantage of selling our products on the client’s label but also comes with the understanding that no one else will sell the same product in the area.

25. Did you know that the lowest bid doesn’t necessarily mean the best bargain? Eurodita offers the perfect combination of the best quality products for a very reasonable price. That opens up great margin possibilities for the dealers and provides prime quality log structures for the customers.


1. By providing supreme quality products for small prices, Eurodita makes sure that the dealers and the end-customers are happy. Sizeable profit for the smart dealers, and a durable and secure home for their customers… That’s a formula for a long-lasting partnership.

2. Gaining a substantial profit is always great, but small product prices do not always neccesserilly mean good quality. Eurodita values integrity and does everything to produce the highest quality log structures while maintaining reasonable prices.

3. The success story of Eurodita has been built purely on hard work while listening to the clients’ needs and maintaining the relationships. As the story continues, we continue to grow and improve as a team and as partners, by constantly applying innovations,

4. Eurodita is constantly evolving – better delivering system, spreading across the world, bigger assortment, applying the new technologies and optimizing the costs. However, one thing will never change – the top quality.

5. After acquiring the partnership with Eurodita, be prepared to never hear your customers’ complains again. 99% of our smart dealers hadn’t had any bad comments one the production they have purchased from us. Be sure to have a peace of mind, once you become Eurodita’s partners.

6. Eurodita is proud of its massive assortment, holding more than 600 unique log products. Together with standard structures, Eurodita also offers for the smart dealers to order the products to be made custom design. In this way, the end-customers will be able to enjoy even the broader variety of choices.

7. Being a B2B manufacturing company, Eurodita always stays a silent partner, so that the dealers would get all the credits for the products they sell. Private label program allows the dealers to receive the log structures unbranded and sell it under the label of the dealers’.

8. Eurodita promises the delivery to be always on time with no faulty parts or missing items. That can be confirmed by the 95% happy customers that have never experienced a delay in their orders. That’s what makes us one of the best companies when it comes to B2B administration of log industry in Lithuania!

9. Order the delivery of the finest log structures from Eurodita from anywhere one the globe and be sure to experience a lighting fast delivery – all the products intact and ready to construct. Almost 100% of our customers in the world can assure that.

10. A good B2B partnership wouldn’t be possible without a great service. Besides the highly computerised techniques to assure the smooth production of the log structures, Eurodita also employs hundreds of professionals who are ready to help in regards inquiries and any post-delivery assistance.

11. Eurodita trains the professionals to the highest standards in the market to make sure that every part of the log structures production is flawless. From the inquiry to production, delivery and to post-delivery – every aspect is being taken care of by the best team.

12. Every dealer seeks to be exclusive, hence Eurodita offers the exclusive dealership program, that is chosen by the two-thirds of our smart dealers. The program secures that the distributed product is the only one in the area and only being sold by the particular dealer, under his own label.

13. Eurodita is devoted to the quality of the log structures as much as to the smart dealers who purchase it. Even after the deal is sealed, our team regularly visits our partners’ facilities to get a better understand of the increasing needs and to improve our product range accordingly.

14. Eurodita has gained its global reputation through consistency and devotion to the business. For over 23 years it has been manufacturing only the best quality log structures to the dealers in Europe and all around the world. Constantly improving, the company’s success is growing every year.

15. Usually, in order to build a good house, it takes a long time, complicated structures and a lot of professional builders. Eurodita creates the future vision of a quality home that is durable, secure and easy to assemble. The future is here, and it is with Eurodita.

16. The fast-moving world encourages Eurodita to push ourselves to the limits when it comes to the quality and the efficiency of the production and service. The demands of the dealers are constantly shifting to the new and challenging tasks for us and we are love a good challenge.

17. Eurodita is very proud of being the market leader for Glulam log houses. Made from the finest Nordic timber, the log structures are prepared to withstand an Australian bushfire, cyclone, or even an earthquake in Japan. For this reason, it is suitable for any part of the world.

18. Eurodita thrives not only on satisfying the dealers but also by taking into the consideration the wellness of the environment. The all-natural log structures not only are eco-friendly but also blends very well into the environment.

19. Forget the years-long constructions and enormous amounts of money invested into the projects of house-building. Eurodita offers a better solution – cabin kits. It requires less investment into the making and saves it for decorating your home. Eurodita’s cabin kits are made from the durable materials and the finest Nordic wood, so the easy assemblable log structures are the best quality.

20. Originated from Lithuania, Eurodita has surely come a long way. From a small aster European country, the company has expanded globally, reaching such far regions as China, Panama, Australia and more.

21. A smart dealer always demands for better quality, quicker delivery and innovations. The log constructions of Eurodia are always up to the latest developments and trends, and the products are delivered to the site on time and in perfect condition.

22. Did you know that the largest log house in the world was built by 22 architects and is nearly 2,500 square meters? Now you do. Find out even more interesting information from Eurodita’s blog. We are excited to not only provide an excellent service for our dealers but also enlighten them with knowledge.

23. Under the private label policy, Eurodita commits to protecting the identity of its dealers as resellers of the company’s timber products. We decline all the inquiries Eurodita receives from the other dealers to have a look at our production in the sites of the dealers in their geographical vicinity.

24. Being 100% environmentally friendly in the 21st century is very difficult, unless one builds a house by hands – only with an axe and a saw. The building foundation, walls, the roof – in the modern times it is unimaginable to construct it without the help of the technology. Eurodita has discovered the way how to stay environmentally friendly while applying the latest architectural innovations.

Eurodita takes camping into another level. Being specialized mostly in log cabins and wooden house constructions, the company takes an inspiration from the cosy home environment and applies it in the camping experience by creating luxury camping pods.

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