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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani: A Guide On How to Kick Ass in Life

There's one thing I need to confess - I'm slightly biased when it comes to rating anything related to Mindvalley. I have been following Vishen and his journey for a few years now. Jeez, I even did my Master's dissertation on Mindvalley! But I read this book with an open, yet, objective mind. I even tried to throw some scepticism in - we all know how those 'self-help' books that constantly try to sell themselves, sound.

And here's what I think of it...

To appreciate Vishen's book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind one doesn't have to be a fan of Mindvalley. But I can assure you that once you've read it, you'll definitely become one.

First things first - I never talk about the visual presentation of the book, but this time I must mention that its perfect size, pleasant to touch cover and perfectly sized font inside - add to the experience. I even told myself - when I write my book, it will look similar. Secondly, the way the book is structured makes it very easy to follow the author's trail of thoughts. It takes the reader on a journey to an understanding of oneself, forming a vision and, ultimately, a bright future for each and everyone one of us, individually.

So, what makes this book stand out of the big bunch of self-help books that design your success?

  1. Vishen is a great entrepreneur, a genius in learning and an extremely charismatic person who has a very interesting story. One thing he is not - he's not a writer. But in this case, that's what it makes this book so relatable. We're tired of cliche expressions, perfectly structured sentences and grand words. Escpailly when it comes to self-development - people want real talk. And that's what Vishen gives. He writes as if he would talk, heck, he even talked about how 'smoking pot' helped him to develop some of the ideas. And we can all relate to that... Can't we?

  2. Unique words and expressions, created by Vishen, give the new meaning to the things that are usually difficult t describe. For example, his invented term ' Brule' - bullshit rule, or the concept of 'bending reality', says it all in two words that could take a whole chapter to talk about.

  3. Every conclusion and teaching of his come from his personal experience based on a fun story. For some it might seem braggy or egotistic, but if you've had a moment on enlightenment while you were cracking jokes with Richard Branson on his personal island - what can you do, hey?

  4. The book is full of visual representations that help to understand the concept, process or theory. No - it's not a piece of art produced by some illustrators or a mathematical diagram of the calculations of success rate against the measures of time... It's simple doodles that speak louder than 1000's of words.

  5. Finally, throughout the book, you cannot help but feel that the author genuinely wants to help you. Of course, forgive him if he throws in some self-promotion their ad there - we've all got it eat, haven't we? But the detailed explanations and leads to further resources for your own research just shows that bringing business is only a secondary goal of the book. Honesty is what draws to want more.

So, if you're finally ready to invest time and money into yourself - this book is a good start. It opens up a lot of doors leading you in the right direction.

Are you ready to dive deep down the rabbit hole?

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