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The Perfect Sunday in Ibiza For The Veterans

There is no such thing as a 'Sunday rest' for the Islanders. Well... No day is a rest day in here! Or, they're interpreting it in a quite different way.

ClubCat prefers to spend Sunday afternoon in the legendary St Trinxa while the lads barely manage to crawl out to the pool area downstairs the hostel, sneaking in some beers, poured into lemonade bottles. Or, why even bother... Yes, we know all the tricks!

And then there are the ones that can't help but enjoy the luxury they can afford, parking their yachts by the rocky shores next to Blue Marlin...

This week it's all about the old souls, still dwelling on the 1980's when the island used to be, well... different.

ClubCat has been coming to the island for almost twenty years, so can freely call itself one of the veterans.

Last Saturday night was well spent in Zoo Project where the legendary Alfredo was dropping off his old classics, turning all the clubbers into the animals. ClubCat finally found the way out of the Rabbit Hole and got home in one piece.

No. ClubCat is not one of them above. But it is pretty cool. :)

Giving the fact that a few beers and a little bit of this and that is not enough for experienced clubbers to cause a hangover, Sunday morning is an early morning.

A morning run, followed by yoga session at the beach and a nice, long swim - it's the morning of champions. If it is realistic or not, it's left to your judgment. The only thing ClubCat is dreaming of on a Sunday afternoon is a nice big jug of sangria, crystal clear sea, and some nice tunes by the legend himself Jon Sa Trinxa. You know where to find him.

Once upon a time, in the 80's, a man in hippie bus drove from the UK to Ibiza with nothing but his record collection and a sound system, with the hopes of becoming a Dj. Not long after, he spent all his money and had to stay in an abandoned junkie house with no gas or electricity.

One afternoon, a car nearly hit him and he fell into a ditch. A man picked him up and took him to his bar and gave some food. The DJ last minute hadn't shown up and the owner asked the lucky one to cover him. Since then, Jon Sa Trinxa has never left the decks.

This legendary place is not only famous for its history. It's creating history every day. The unique energy this beach club vibrates is much more different than anything else you can find on the island.

Best time to get there is late in the afternoon. Take a relaxing walk down the beautiful Salinas beach. Just by the time the hot sand starts burning the feet and your bottom starts hurting from the intense exercise, your ears catch the first beats and the buzz of happy people. First signs of getting closer to the spot are one or two men, freely airing their private parts to everyone passing by. Or a naked couple giving each other a massage. And not a casual backrub... Spread the love ♥♥♥

When you get to Sa Trinxa, don't worry about not being able to get a sunbed. You also won't be 'politely' asked out to leave the restaurant territory marked square, if you don't spend money or if you pull out your own bottle of wine. Lay your towel under one of the colorful umbrellas, chill out and go jump into the sea from the famous green catwalk (:

Look around. There's a pair of old men in speedo's laying next to you, secretly checking you out. Regardless you're a man or a woman. Somehow there is always a pair of them just next to you!

A little bit deeper in the crowd, in the center of the action, a group of loud, fairly young men, splashing champagne all over the place. 80% probability it's a bachelor party. 90% of the times surrounded by some girls, waiting for a splash of free booze. Everyone's dancing, laughing and having a great time.

On the further corner, we have a couple on the sunbed, covered in oil and quietly judging everyone around them. Still moving their little toe to the rhythm.

Outside the orange boundaries, there's a group of giggling girls with a huge umbrella pulled down almost all the way to the ground. They have a huge mirror in the bag. Maybe too concerned about their beach look...Or...

Right next to them, a group of children with snorkels queuing for their turn to jump into the sea.

And on top of all, Sa Trinxa Beach Club wouldn't be the same without all the beach workers selling clothes, bikinis, jewelry and the colorful beach blankets. Some African guys, seemingly selling quite a few anklets. But no one actually seems to wear them... or even get them.hehe.

The food in Sa Trinxa is delicious! If you get tempted by the smell of grilled fresh calamari, don't be lazy to go eat on the terrace. The menu is a couple of euros cheaper than for the beach service and you don't want to miss the group of the old generation people raving just next to the Dj booth.

For couples, after having some food, stroll down the rocky coast towards the tower for some romantic action. Down that side, there is not one and not two secret caves that you can reach by climbing down the cliff. If the set up is too romantic - be careful, it might be a trap.

Leave Sa Trinxa just before the sunset. When the mosquitos start the attack, you want to be on the move.

On the way back, if you still feel like having one more drink… Pop into Boutique Hostal Salinas. This cozy, but yet, promising gem offers an intimate environment for those who love meeting some interesting people, listening to some fine tunes and preparing to get loco @DC10 the next day :) Intimate but vibrant events through the weekend, bringing together the Dj's that respect the chill out vibes and the crowd that enjoys it!

Nice, white and blue color contrast, sun lounges and actual beds... Bar, dining area and a pool with the 'iconic' floating flamingo, in case you decide to do a quick photoshoot. Upstairs, there is a number of modern, cozy rooms that is a much better option than the typical hotels in Playa den' Bossa. You can book a room here. Gem!

ClubCat tip* Acid Sundays is always a good idea. Taking its trippy set up and psychedelic sound to Las Dalias, the night cannot go wrong. This coming Sunday the decks are under control of Hraach and Rafaele Castiglione. You might see ClubCats tail wiggling somewhere around.

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