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The Ultimate Closing Parties Guide For Beginners

Listen... Music Lover. #Party Lover. #Dance Lover. #Love Lover. Ibiza has it all. And #Ibiza loves you all.

#ClubCat is a music lover. Ibiza season is slowly drifting to the end... For some, it's sad news and for some is a blessing in disguise. Either way, make sure you have a blast during that month left. ClubCat will do, for sure! That's why you need to plan your nights out. The struggle is real. The truth is that there is no truth of how to experience the magic of the island in the right way.

However, there are some certain parties you do need to see and experience in order to say that you have been in the #music and #partycapital Ibiza.


One person once said... 'Music melds the classes - as long as the dance floor is bigger than the #VIP area'. Well, #Amnesia sounds the perfect home for this techno genius Ricardo Villalobos. Even not necessarily for techno lovers... his music speaks his soul. And you can definitely feel it.

His first gig at Cocoon in Amnesia was in 1999. There must be a reason the man has been coming back. Almost twenty years after... 25th of September you can experience the real #minimaltechnopower and nothing else but the power of dance with Ricardo Villalobos alongside Raresh and Richie Hawtin and Metadon in the Main Room.


In this case, doesn't matter who's playing, it is worth experiencing the experience itself. It is always fun and there is always LOTS is happening. You've got the performers in the Treehouse, Seal Pit, Mandala Garden... I mean. DJ'S, dancers, painters, acrobats, hippies, ravers.. all unite.

26th September you've got the Zoo Evolution! Carl Craig stuck in the Treehouse, Jacky in the Seal Pit and Adeline in the Living Room + the creator of Alchemy of Divinity Mayinca in the Mandala Garden.


Not a secret that people think that #DC-10 is famous for being famous and it became that way because back in the end of the ninety's this would be the place of no-holds-barred, hedonistic, dance fiesta that was totally off the radar. Maybe... But wise people know that it is still one of the best clubs in the world simply... because it is still all about the music.

The fact, that they do minimal publicity for the parties and only a tiny VIP area for the Dom Perignon lovers, speaks for itself.

All of this creates the unique environment that only this club has.

Oh... and. Jamie Jones still has it and he created a real Paradise. 27th of September he smashes it again together with Sasha, Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed and many more #legends.


Yes, yes the club is big. Huge, actually... But is it big enough to fit Solomon, Dixon, Denis Horvat and Nina Kravitz in one night? The roof might just go off. This one will be massive.

Alongside with the big names, the dua of Karm & Mateo Milleri - Tale Of Us-, based in Berlin, killed it this season in Ibiza and will make sure we will remember it AFTERLIFE. All we have to do is to wait this tale grow and flourish.

A unique sound. Show us another performer playing Hans Zimmer-Time in Ibiza! :)



Music On has been popular on the island for already six years, but this season it's the sensation of the summer. Marco Carola has definitely learned it, earned it and deserved it! It's been talked about so much, and it has been so much fuss around it, that it even got a little bit... old.

Only one name can stand above Marco Carola in his own party. Carl Cox is back to Amnesia for the last bang of the season. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house; a champion of techno, label owner, a dance music pioneer. And a looks like a one happy man! King of Ibiza. No further discussions here needed.

The date is the 22nd of September.


Hi, are you high from Hi? :) Not once nor twice heard this question on Sunday morning in Playa den' Bossa.

Being a new baby of Ibiza, it has had various opinions about it. Well... Maybe 'baby' is the wrong word. Very wrong, indeed!

A new club opening instead of the legendary SPACE must be out of this world to compare to the legendary party place. Hi has an amazing main room, wicked sound system, a unique teepee garden and a DJ in the bathroom! What else does a #megaclub need?

Well... Something is missing. Probably SPACE :(

However... At least the people coming from Hi don't need the Sunday morning coffee :)

Black Coffee has been strongly leading his residency at the new club and made it one of the nights that always are on the list of the options for the party choice.

South African had a meteoric rise to fame but has definitely earned it working behind the scenes in his country on true Afropolitan house: home-brewed but fresh and future-focused. Yes, you can expect to hear a Michael Jackson tune. But also expect almost sculptural balance and beauty.


The night that you can never go wrong with. Pacha - one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Solomon... is Solomon. Be ready to go on a journey.

His popularity kicked off 2012 since #Mixmag Magazine voted him the DJ of the year. His sounds are full of deepness and emotion and are breath of fresh air for Pacha's walls after endless performances of David Guetta and Bob Sinclair.

No words needed - look for yourselves:


Everyone know that you start the season hard but you end it with a BANG! Hold on and enjoy the ride.

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