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The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer Book Review - A Journey To Yourself

At some point, you just stop being awed by every quote about happy life and every reference to the universe within you or a journey to yourself. For me, it must have been after 30 self-help, spirituality and other brilliant growth-encouraging books that came my way. So, admittedly, The Untethered Soul wouldn't have normally been on my reading list, as the 'who are you really' note at the back looked too familiar... It was thanks to my boyfriend, who couldn't let go of this book for months, reading it over and over again - that I got myself to read it. And what an amazing journey I've signed myself up for!

The truth is that 'a journey to yourself' cliche can be applied to everyone in this world, as we embark on this journey the moment we're born and carry on with it until the very last breath we take. Following this trail of thoughts, Singer cleverly uses it to structure his book. It starts with the idea of a voice in our head: the voice that never stops, starting from the moment we learn to create concepts and meanings in our minds. Singer calls it 'our inner roommate'. He invites us to disconnect ourselves from that voice and see it as a separate entity, simply coming along and narrating our lives - or at least what happens to it.

A simple practice is to just sit down in silence and try to keep your mind quiet. What you'll notice is an instant chatter, blurring out sentences and words that sometimes don't even make sense. Now, because you can hear those words and you're not particularly in control of that chatterbox - a conclusion is that it's not you. Simple as that. And just like that, we begin the journey to our true selves. To the awareness that's hidden behind those loud thoughts. The consciousness who's focus keeps getting distracted by everything but itself. Singer does a brilliant job showing this fragile connection and the fine line between who we are, where we are and what's happening to us. As we often confuse all three as the essence of our being. But the truth is that there's nothing more to our essence, but the awareness itself. Everything else is a subject to relativity.

So, Singer manages to take the reader on a journey from the very first chapter and keep the focus up until the last chapter 'contemplating death'. The theme throughout the book is still very familiar: the concept of us as energy, the importance of staying present, removing yourself from suffering, maintaining the sacred life balance, and all that. Why this book is much more profound than the others is because of its simplicity.

Singer is a brilliant storyteller and what is more exciting than a cleverly told story about the journey to ourselves and the essence of life!

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