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Ultimate guide on how to cope with British heatwave

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

British heatwave is a real thing and being prepared for it can help you avoid all the sweating and moaning that comes with it - you can even have a great time!

Have you noticed an interesting pattern? When it's...

33.00 °C in Greece - it feels like 33.00 °C;

29.00 °C in Nice - it feels like 29.00 °C

33.00 °C in London - it feels like mother sun is pouring deadly lava right on your soul. 

Am I being slightly overdramatic here? I don't think so, but there might be a small chance. But even scorching London heat can be pleasant if you're well prepared for it. And I've got the ultimate guide on how to cope with British heatwave.

1.Plan in advance

We've all heard on the radio and the news about thousands of British Summer lovers last-minute flocking to the most popular beach destination of the country like Cornwall, Bournemouth, Brighton or Margate. It not only ends up a safety risk in Covid-19 social distancing times but it also exposes you to a high risk of being stuck on a highway, in a car with no AC when it's scorching 35.00 °C outside. 

For this reason, we highly recommend not to give in to this last-minute spontaneity - in this case, it's nothing fun or romantic about it, at all. Instead, look out for hot weather reports and plan in advance. Check out the beaches in the surrounding areas of the busy hotspots, try to arrive the day before and book accommodation in advance, if needed. Or simply be willing to sacrifice the desired beach action and think of something else.

2. Get creative

One of the creative ideas to spend a hot day of British heatwave can be booking a slot in your local lido. Due to social-distancing measures put in place, it also has to be booked in advance, but it does come with certain perks. Like not being squished by hundreds of people in a limited pool like a pack of sardines!

Another idea can be visiting Hampstead Heath ponds or widening your horizons even more and perhaps considering a trip to Surrey. Why Surrey? Check out a hidden gem - a quiet village of Shalford. Just an hour for Waterloo station - it's a place of incredible natural beauty with an added bonus - a river where you can go wild swimming!

3. Stay hydrated

It's not a simple reminder to drink plenty of water - but you should definitely do it. But on top of it, make sure to store your fridges with cooled goodies like sorbet ice-cream, chilled lemon or cucumber-infused water and frozen smoothies. It's not only a nice summer treat but it also cools you down from inside.

Also, make sure to fill up your flower spray with fresh water and keep it in the fridge at all times! And no - it's not a nice gesture to your flowers - spray it all over your face and body and thank us later.

4. Rise before the sun

Another tip we've got for you is... to rise early. Try to do it even before that massive ball of flames hits the sky - for the obvious reasons. Because it burns! That hour or two in the morning of fresh, cool air can be a game-changer when it comes to airing your house and your soul. Go for a run, meditate or just sit outside and enjoy the morning silence and prepare yourself for yet another day of British heatwave. If you have any important work to do - it's the best time to keep your focus and patience on point, too.

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