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Unprecedented Times - Or Something that Has Never Happened Before. The Global Consciousness Shift

Updated: May 25

If I hear 'unprecedented times' one more time... I will do nothing. But I will think - can we finally move from this vague concept and call it as it is? But we can't, because no one knows what the hell is going on. A Covid-19 pandemic? Economic crisis? Political disaster? Here we find ourselves in a pickle, desperately trying to figure it out, following the rules our previous society would approve and the truth it would seek. But the truth is - that society doesn't exist anymore.

Moving away from the matters that directly don't concern you and me at this very present moment, it is far more essential to find our own subjective way of how to approach this... and how to come out of this stronger and wiser.

Referring to the current global situation as 'this' serves a purpose, as finding a way of how to navigate within the inner layers of ourselves is far more important than to put a definition behind of what is happening in the outer world. The fact is that a change is happening - a global shift of our collective consciousness. What we, as individuals, can do best is to embrace the change and make it our own.

Now, knowing that every single one of us has a strong opinion about the current situation, I want to throw caution into the wind by saying that this post is not about diminishing anyone's experiences or trying to change anyone's mind. It is meant to provoke a trail of thoughts that would divert your mind from more conspiracy theories, discussions or panic, and direct it to a golden silence of nothing else but your own breath and clear mind. If anything, it is meant to bring a little peace of mind.

It also takes into consideration everyone - not only the upper class who is fortunate enough to quarantine in their lakehouses and call it an experience close prison; not only the lucky furloughed who complain how boring it is to do nothing and get paid; or the ones who's life hadn't changed much at all, apart from that their off licence store business is booming... It also applies to people who are having a much tougher time. People who perhaps lost a loved one, their jobs or had to skip their daily meal.

The best thing to do is to live a day at a time. A moment at a time. With no prejudice, no resentment, no self-pity, no expectations and no disappointments. We have all gone through certain stages that we needed to go through, simply because this is all... Well... Unprecedented. But now it's time to use the advantage of being the most advanced conscious species and use that consciousness to overcome this.

The first thing that comes to mind is 'why me'? Whys this is happening to me, at this certain time. This is the worst time for it, I had it all going for me. Finally - what did I do to deserve to be kicked down like this... Now let's quiet the ego and let the heart talk. The heart is sore. We've had to give up a lot, all of us, in one way or the other. But even though the heart doesn't blame - it resents.

What is your second brain telling you? That is where to look for the answers when the ration is overloaded and the heart is broken - your gut is the only trustworthy companion. The truth is that the god, the universe or the higher power only wants the best for you. The government, the global organisations and world leaders have their journey, plans and agendas. But even though it might affect you socially - only you can control your inner state and where your own path is leading you.

What my gut is saying is that I want the best for myself and my family. I don't want to clutter my mind with things I have no control over and with the figments of the imagination of other people who think they are in control. I will get there when I'm there and I will deal with it. And for now, I will embrace this as a unique opportunity to tap into this global consciousness shift and make it my own. By my own I mean I will put a narrator to my life up until this point and see how it leads me to the situation that I am in. How can I use this situation to make a significant change where, otherwise, I might have been hesitant or not brave enough to make it? Because the truth is, as much as this is global, it is as personal, too, which creates this massive energetic bomb that we can all tap into and shift it into our advantage. Our actions during this period will be magnified 1000x in the bigger picture that we call life. Not even actions but our thoughts, too. Even more so. Your next job interview will start with a question - how did you overcome the Covid-19 pandemic? What mistakes have you made? What did you learn? How it changed you? What will you tell your children? How horrible it was and how the government messed everything up? What lesson it will teach them? Rather keep a diary and be honest in it. No one else is watching you, you don't need to pretend to have a political opinion about every step of 'this'. And you can simply let out your true feelings and emotions, observe them, learn from them and understand them better every day. It will bring you closer to your true self.

The true self is subjective, but the history of Sapiens is only one. And it can bring you closer to your truth. Ancient human species were originally hunters and gatherers, constantly on the move, adapting to the new environment and facing new challenges every day. Over the years, we have learned to manipulate animal and plant growth to our own convenience and, instead of constantly travelling and experiencing change, we settled. The change became our biggest fear. A fear that the weather will change and we will not be able to enjoy the harvest; fear that other humans passing by will threaten to steal our valuables; fear that the gods will punish us for the deeds we and our ancestors have done.

We still carry that uncomfortable attitude towards change and, unless we've messed up enough to want it, we rather avoid it. So, what happens when the global tribe of settled comfort seekers are faced with massive changes they cannot control? Changes like not being able to follow the daily routine, eat at favourite restaurants, not even see their friends or family members? We're incredibly social beings, so depriving us of this right in our mind is equal to the denial of our basic freedom. But what we must remember is that we have lost that freedom thousands of years ago, the same second when we became dependant on the constant and the pursue of comfort.

I suggest we accept that nothing is constant but change. We stay present every step of the way. We rise above the mentality of being clung to things and habits that go against our origin and basic instincts. We channel the global flow of consciousness shift and get rid of the clutter we do not need by inviting the possibility that change is here and we better accept it.

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