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Weekend Getaway From London To Beautiful Bournemouth

We all know the concept of the '#BritishSummer'. The first recommendation would be not to look at the weather forecast or plan an expensive, long holiday to the South of the island. However, a short weekend getaway might be just what you need! Even a few hours of sunshine can be enough to treat that pale skin... The smell and the sound of #crashingwaves - the much-needed remedy to relieve the stress.

Show me one Londoner that hasn't been to Brighton and I will give you five reasons why one should rather explore the coast a little bit more and go to #Bournemouth!

Situated only a couple of hours drive from London, Bournemouth offers one of the nicest #sandybeaches within the short reach from the capital, together with a vibrant nightlife, plenty of shopping centres and boutiques, plus, other exciting activities like a chance to fly across the sea from the famous #pier.

ClubCat Tup* Thursday 31st of August to Sunday 3rd of September Bournemouth is hosting annual the UK's biggest air festival. FREE! Fours days of action in the air, on lan and at sea!

Find all the info here: https://bournemouthair.co.uk

How To Get There

The faster and most effortless way to commute not only in Lonon but also to travel around the country is by trains. Jump on South West Railway heading towards Weymouth. 2hours, 14 stops and you here!

While the prices travelling by train might bite, the bus is a more #affordableoption.  You can reach the coast only for £15 and the journey takes only a little bit longer than 2 hours and 20 minutes.

If you have a car - great! 108 miles is not a long

 distance to mission with a car and you will have a priceless opportunity to explore the coast even more! For example, you can reach the famous #DurdlerDoor - the beach is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society for excellent water quality, also, for its breathtaking scenery.

ClubCat Tip* if you travel by the public transport, do not get tempted getting around the town by taxes. Everything is closer than it looks like!

Where To Stay

#CarringtonHouseHotel can definitely brighten up your gateway and there are the reasons why...

First, make sure you hunt the best value deal, recommended through www.bookings.com. #ClubCat was lucky enough to get one for 35£ instead of £160!

To check the quality of the service, always add a request. This time, we requested for some rose petals on the bed and a picture of Jonny Depp. Did not get disappointed! Not only we found that but also a cheap bottle of bubbles. However, very much appreciated. It is all about attention to details. The hotel has a beer garden, the 'chill out' area with table tennis an indoors swimming pool. In the evenings hosting bingo nights and old-school dances. 10-minute walk from the beach and 15min from the town centre. Recommended!

The Beach

There are child-friendly and dog-friendly beaches, beach facilities for the disabled, water

sport areas, conservation areas and beach sport areas. Walking down the beach  from the Carrington House Hotel towards the Bournemouth Pier, you can see areas deserted as almost images from the movie Robinson Crusoe. But the dream is interfered by the sound a little colourful train that you can jump on that would take u all the way to the centre. Then there is kiters, jumping through the waves. Further down, more and more groups of young people, singing, having #BBQ, playing #volleyball, beach #football... Some huge Indian family having a picnic. Crowds of people curiously standing around the fish shacks and ice cream stands. People flying from the pier to the beach down the cable. And it goes on and on!

What To Do If It Rains

Try the lovely old-school arcade which is for everyone: whether you would like to practise skiing on the Alpine Racers, race each other on the Mario Karts, or try to win a Minion toy or one of our bespoke Bournemouth Bears from one of the toy crane machines. This is an ideal place to step out of the sunshine into a family friendly air conditioned amusement arcade. Or hide from the seaside rain!

Where To Eat

If you want a quick and full meal after a long day at the beach site, the famous Harry Ramsden fish and chips is always a good idea. Big portions, good price and great quality.

Bournemouth is much more than #fish’n’chips wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper.

If you feel like something more fancy, for the very best fine dining in Bournemouth, simply head to The Edge. From the moment you arrive and take the glass lift to the restaurant entrance you will fall in love with its glamour. But when you walk into the restaurant and set your eyes on those views, you will not be able to wait until your meal arrives. The a la carte dinner menu is spectacular and perfect for a date night watching the sunset over the ocean. And the food... is yummy!

Where To Start Your Night Out

Smokin' Aces is the place. The ‘come one, come all’ ethos of the place secures it as one of the top bars to visit in Bournemouth. With no entry fee, no dress code and no VIP areas, everyone who walks through the doors of the cocktail bar and whiskey lounge is welcome to make it their own. Adding to it’s niche qualities, Smokin’ Aces offers bespoke cocktails to every individual – it’s as easy as telling them your favourite spirits and flavours! That's top class. Enjoy these along side the live bands and DJ lineups.

ClubCat Tip* 31st of August Smokin' Aces hosting Ant Lewis Live Set show.

After one or few drinks, all the plans are irrelevant. Just go with the flow.

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