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What if a sparrow turned into a cow

Probably the first thing that popped into your mind was that this must've been the most #ridiculous comparison you ever heard. If you have ever thought - if a sparrow turned into a cow - then you either should be worried or #proudofyourself. I am both - worried and proud.

And here is why...

For one crazy second, let's imagine that they live in a world with no people and no farms that slaughter 59 billion animals a year. How #crazy would that be, right...?

The cow is much bigger, lives much longer, doesn't have to struggle for the food as much as the little sparrow - always frightened, alert for the hawks and having to constantly be #onthemove.

But what does the little sparrow Andrew (yes, I gave him the name to enhance the sympathy towards him) have that the cow doesn't?

He can #fly.

Stop wanting to live the lives of others and start making yours worth living.

Believe me, no matter how #unhappy you think you are, you wouldn't become any #happier to be placed in the shoes of another human being that seems prettier, richer and more #successful than you think you are. Simply because it will not be your life anymore.

It won't be you. It is difficult not to wish for a life of your friend, or a person you admire, when you see all those beautiful pictures on #Instagram of them traveling #aroundtheworld, eating the best food or constantly being all lovey dovey with their other half, while you're spending your only day off in bed eating yesterdays burgers leftovers and watching The Big Bang Theory. It kind of makes you sick, but slowly turns you into a huge green jealousy pickle. Or even worse... Makes you feel you're #worthless and failing in life.

Why you're the one that constantly has to be worried, if this month's pay check isn't late, or otherwise you'll literally have to hunt for the sales for the cheapest porridge? Why you always have to lookout for #yourself, because in this big big world everyone's trying to screw you over? And why if/ when you fail - you have to move on and start all over again... Why are you the sparrow?

Well, my little Andrew, it is time to change the #mindset and begin to fly.

I am not going to start #couching you how to become successful, or tell you how many tasks a day you have to set yourself and how to rest in between them, and all that, because I don't know. And because plenty of books are written on this topic, which some of them are really good. It's up to you to find your #pathtosuccess.

My point is that it all starts with the #attitude and #gratitude. Create yourself a #story of your life you truly believe in and go along with it. You are who you are and you're the #luckiest person in the #world to be no one else but you.

Once Andrew realised that, he became #invincible and lived the best life a sparrow could live.

No offence, cows. You're amazing, too! But this post is not about you.

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